A family affair

Wagon Léo has been growing, looking at things in a new light,  focusing on quality and extending a warm welcome for your  enjoyment.

Wagon Léo 1946


In 1946, Léopold Auguste Emmanuel opened his first Léo chips shop in an old army tram wagon.


Following the design of the first Pullman style wagon, Léopold travelled from fair to fair selling chips throughout Belgium. He settled in Bastogne in 1954.

Wagon Léo 1954


Wagon Léo 1972

After renting for 40 years, Serge was finally able to buy the land on which the family restaurant stood and to open the new Bistro Léo (inaugurated in 1990).


Having earned his stripes at the hotel and catering school, Serge (Léopold’s son) took over the reins in the kitchen and gradually upgraded the chips shop to the first restaurant.

Wagon Léo 1990


Wagon Léo 1999

After gaining experience in Belgium and abroad, his children Arnaud and Grégory returned to the family fold. (1999)


Opening of three hotel establishments : 15 rooms complete the catering offer.

Wagon Léo 2000 Hotel Léo Station


New step in the adventure: a second wagon in the Orient Express style enters the station.
18 additional rooms will accommodate our passengers.

L'esprit Léo 2018

" The future is a door and the past is its key "

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